power ball

Power Ball

Ask yourself this question why do quick machines sell only random numbers? Why cant you buy lottery numbers from a machine that gives you some form of guarantee that you will win with at least 3 numbers? Answer to both questions is if one win thousands will win.

Guarantee, guarantee, guarantee, finally there are systems like order#P111 that gives you a 100% guarantee if you get the 6 numbers you must win, All the systems below guarantees you at least a slice of the loaf. You heard the saying a slice of bread is better than none.

Play the power ball.
When you use Order#P110 Multiple wins are guaranteed with just 3 drawn numbers. This formula guarantees you will get every 5 none consecutive drawn numbers together in any 12 numbers you choose. The system guarantees you multiple wins of 3 and 4 drawn numbers every time you get them them in none consecutive order. Be a winner simplifies mathematics so anyone can use it in seconds. Stop the guessing game, stop playing quick pick computers are program to throw out thousands of numbers without a link between them. The formula will be sent in attachment after you auto download a set of numbers ready to play

Use Order#P110 to play Euro millions you are given all the star ball numbers. To play the power ball you put a number in the power ball box. To play the thunder ball you choose a number from one to fourteen and put it in the box. To play pick 5 Lottery use only the formula, Full instructions will be given to play all the games. Cost £12.99 or $25.99 USD use formula for life.

Order Number P109 can give you that slice. You choose any 12 numbers and my formula will mathematically arrange them into columns of 6 numbers that you can use every time you play 6/49 Lottery, All systems are Global. This system guarantees multiple wins starting with just 3 numbers in your 12 numbers, and the more drawn numbers you get in your 12 numbers the more multiple wins you will get. cost £12.99 or $25.99 only use formula for life

Are you fed-up
of losing? every time you play the big money games. You can change this, you can at least get some small wins. So why not try doing it a different way, why not try using 12 number mathematically arrange into column of 6 that is link together like a chain. The lottery companies likes you to guess random numbers or use quick pick machines that will save you time guessing, but the machines does not mathematically link any of the numbers to improve your chance to win, If quick pick machines improve your chance to win just a small amount millions would win and the lottery companies would crash.

I don’t say I will give you a magic wand that you can wave and walk in and pick up the big money, What I am saying is I will improve your chance to win it could be big or small wins. One of my customers from texas told me every time he had 3 and 4 numbers right he won, then he won $3500.00 and stop telling me. Yes choose any 12 numbers to play 6/49 lottery my formula will arrange them into 6 numbers ready to play 6/49 lottery with in minutes, P109 is design to give you multiple wins if you get 3 or more drawn numbers.

If you play my way at least, you will get something back, you wont be giving your money away every weekend. GUARANTEED

New York.
When I read on your web site have the winning numbers before they are drawn I thought who is he kidding, then I read mathematical system and that put me off.
Eric thank you there was no mathematics, there was nothing to add up subtracts or divide.
I bought your X formula P113 and you tell me to choose any 7 numbers from 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 Eric thank I won Mike

God bless you Eric you are a genius I bought your mathematical system for pick 3 I expected to do a lot of calculation but there was none.
Your pick 3 X formula was easy to understand and it gave me the winning numbers before they were drawn just as you say.
Thank you, Eric

North Carolina
Eric you are a genius i just bought myself a Porsche your pick 4-45 system works like a dream it gave me the pick 4 numbers 15 times just like you say.
Thanks John

I paid you for pick 3 P100 using all the numbers and bought P103 using only 6 numbers after you told me to play a smaller system. Eric my mom found your formula on my desk and she won 6 times out of 6 tries.
Thanks Mike

You made my dream come true I have never won on the power ball before; I had 3 numbers 3 times using your P109 system.
And the second set of numbers I bought for my friend won $3500.00 second try, please arrange another 12 numbers for my girl friend, if we win the million I will send you sum.

Eric I told you I would retire if your pick 4 lotto system works as good as I thought it would work.
Well I am now playing it full time at first I was playing box only, but I play straight/box because I get more when I win.
Thank you

Eric thank you for giving the world such vast knowledge
From University of Milan

When you refuse to take payment from my credit card and told me not to give my card number to people on the net I know you was an honest person.
I won several small wins with the power ball system I bought.
I took your advice I wait on my numbers like a spider waiting for a fly.

just ask cos i want to know better there is one method i use yesterday night when i was checking last drawn chart with the help of ur formula i got complet three next coming drawn accurate may be u can explain to me how to use it more better may be i can even be geting the 5#s correct do help me out how do u use it on ur own when -playing?

Texas Hi Eric
I just want to say thank you, thank you, I just won. It wasn’t much but like you said one slice of bread is better than none. I feel like I just took my first step, I hope they get bigger. Thanks for all your help and advice.

Maria USA

Hi Eric, Your software are working fine, I think i can hit almost everyday with a little more help. Can you tell me how you pick your numbers to play. Do you go by the last drawn pick 3 numbers, and add numbers that didn’ t come out .

I hit two days in a row. I need this information for the formula # 103 and the 5 numbers 10 ten play. we have midday and evening draw here. I like to play both. If you can help I will appreciate it very much.

Yvonne USA

Hi, Eric I was so impressed with my last order I decided to order again this time pick4 system and the lottery system. P107 for $35.99 and P111 for$15.99. My name is

Billy USA

Eric Thank you so much I played for the mid day and won $250 one thing I wanted to know is if you had a system that went from 0-9 for pick 3 and pick 4 as well ? Thanks so much for making this my day.

Dray USA won $250.00 with his first ticket and first time using Permutations. order#P101

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