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7:57am Good Morning 03-12-09


After great demand we have added to our site some relaxation games. Try your hand at Poker or Blackjack or if you want something faster why not try the original Pacman or see how many bad guys you can slice into bits with Kill Bill.

Just click on the game to play, they are all free!!! Happy Playing....

Three Card Poker

Let see if your any good at bluffing with this classic game of 3 Card Poker


The old ones are always the best and there is no exception for this game!!

Ice Hockey

A nice little game of skill here playing Ice Hockey!!

Kill Bill

Feel the need to frag someone? Well lets see how many you can kill?


Yes the original Pacman game. Munch on those dots and eat that fruit!!


Still the best game around to play. Skill and entertainment in one!